Heavy Lemo – U.K

Heavy Lemo – U.K

Heavy Lemo – U.K

Enchanted Forest / SUN: 17.00-18.00

If you’ve been to Earth Garden in the past 2 years, we’re sure you’re familiar with this face & voice!

Beatboxer, songwriter & multi-Intrumentalist James Lyons (Lyons & La zel/Steena) is back at Earth Garden for the 3rd consecutive year; bigger, stronger and funkier than ever with his new band, Heavy Lemo!

Coming from the inter-connected Worlds of Funk, Jazz and Hip-Hop, Heavy Lemo is a recently formed unit now self-releasing a string of singles encompassing these Worlds. Consisting of members James Lyons (vocals), Max Barker (bass), Misha Gray (keys), Andy Morgan (guitar) and Chris Morgan (drums), their style lies within the stickiness of 70’s Jazz/Funk, whilst showcasing a lyricism that is both modern in delivery and message. Based in the North-West of England, the members decided to join forces and draw from their individual influences to create a sound that melds vintage and modern, laid-back but still tight and grippy.

Heavy Lemo will also perform on Roots Stage on Saturday!

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon