Gypsies of Bohemia – U.K

As the UK’s leading original covers band, Gypsies of Bohemia pride themselves on having written at least half of their complete catalogue of original cover versions. Something of a paradox? Well that sums these guys up. These 5 musically literate, yet innately silly individuals can bring a party like no other to the bandstand and turn the most sophisticated of settings into an all-out guitar style rave with their inventive and superbly crafted renditions of contemporary and popular songs from the modern era – whoever said you can’t polish a turd was wrong.

It has long been the trend amongst jazz musicians to take popular songs of the day and use them as vehicles for arranging and improvisation. Gypsies of Bohemia are pushing this trend to its absolute limits, daring each other as they go. No style too ludicrous. No song too absurd. Hip Hop, garage, 90’s rave, drum n’ bass, reggae and heavy metal are all comically juxtaposed against the sophisticated yet electrifying gypsy jazz tapestry.

Rarely has such a delicate balance been successfully struck between the artistic and the absurd…


THU: 20.30-21.30

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon