ROOTS STAGE / SAT: 16.00-16.40

Fuzzhoneys is a female duo from Malta. Their sound can be summarized as Garage Rock, spiced up with elements of Blues, a dash of Girly Punk and a whole lot of soul.

A combination of Francesca Mercieca’s husky vocals, groovy bass-lines and crispy riffs, and Caroline Spiteri’s incisive drumbeats, Fuzzhoneys’ music is engagingly unique and vibrant.

The first sounds of the ‘fuzz’ date back to September 2012, in what was essentially a jam session which actually yielded the duo’s first song “Chemistry”. Working behind closed doors for a good year or so, Fuzzhoneys gave their first public performance at the 2014 edition of ‘Rock the South Festival’.

Having released their debut EP “CD Tal-ġenn” two years later, as well as their ‘Femmetastic Zine’ a year after that, 2018 was the year for their debut album ‘Love Juice’.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon