Freedom Fighters

For Freedom Fighters, the passion for Reggae started in 2009 and when in 2013 their favourite reggae spot closed down for the winter, they felt that it was time to start doing their own thing to keep the Reggae vibe alive during the Winter season.

They started hosting their own Reggae parties and event after event, more and more people started to attend and that fuelled them even more to keep doing what they were doing.

For these guys,  it’s not just about music. It’s a way of living and their mission is to deliver a message of peace, love, equal rights and justice.

That is in fact how the name “Freedom Fighters” was created.

There is so much injustice and hate in the World, either because of different religions, cultures, or ethnicity and Freedom Fighters believe that all of us can do something to make a difference. The evolution of consciousness, is the only way forward!


Enchanted Forest

Sunday 5 June 2022

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon