Atmos – Sweden

Atmos – Sweden

Atmos – Sweden

Electronic Sphere / SUN: 18.30-21.00

One of the biggest legends of Psychedelic Trance will be gracing the Electronic Sphere on Sunday with one his unique energetic, atmospheric, groovy and hypnotic DJ sets.

It all started in the early 70s when a young boy watched TV for the first time. Instantaneously fascinated by different soundtracks and jingles, a deep interest for music was born. After a short bedroom dj career, Tomasz decided to produce his own music and thanks to a natural talent, he released his first single in 1996 on Pablo Gargano’s label, EVE records.

His influences from electronic and ambient-rock music like J.M Jarre and Pink Floyd quickly formed a style that was to make him one of the most successful producers in hypnotic and atmospheric trance. He released 3 albums, many singles and has countless appearances on compilations and his music has been embraced, played and loved by such a broad spectra of people, ranging from the top 10 DJs to aspiring bedroom DJs all over the world.

His sense for merging rhythm programming with delicate strings into a well-produced groovy sound is guaranteed to make everyone get down to the dance floor.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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