Art-X – France

Art-X – France

Art-X – France

Enchanted Forest / SUN: 21.00-22.00

Art-X. Four letters for a man and an instrument. Never out without his fetish toy (The Melodica), he remixes and composes tracks like the one that could be presented as his spiritual father, Augustus Pablo with the one difference that Art-X is not limited to the foundations of Jamaican reggae.

Undeniably influenced by the Bass Music scene, the melodicist navigates between old school remixes and innovative compositions which results in energetic and meditative Dub.

10 years after founding, with his brother Olo, the band Ondudground and the web label ODGProd, in 2014 Art-X launched his solo project. His constant creativity has led him to release several EPs and noted albums, such as “Toy Story”, “Spiritual Father” and “Blue Lotus”.

Musician since childhood, Art-X has played at many events in France, Europe and also in Mexico.

Sometimes accompanied by a band, often supported by a Dub operator, Art-X offers on stage a stunning and stimulating live performance, unique and hardly imitable.

Art-X will also be performing on Roots Stage as part of Ondubground.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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