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Antojn Karuna

Antojn Karuna is a co-founder and percussionist of Tribali, he wears multiple hats, including drummer, sampler, harmonica player, hang drum, and songwriter. His journey in the music scene traces back to the early 2000’s when he started organising the renowned boat parties “Uprising Jam” in Malta during the summers of 2001 and 2003. These legendary boat parties aboard the Fernandez 2 were consistently sold out, featuring class DJs like Owen Jay and Woody Aki alongside a lineup of five talented musicians, including himself on drums and percussion. Unforgettable improvisational sessions were created, the parties kept going until the early hours, extending the party to clubs and festivals across Malta such as Axis Discoteque, Going Places, Love Sexy Festival, and Tribu Festival.

In addition to his involvement with Tribali, Antojn Karuna has been actively engaged in various music projects at Earth Garden Festival, where he has also been a co-founder and performer since its inception, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere year after year.