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Acid Tester

Acid Tester is a Psychedelic Trance project by Jonathan Spiteri from Malta. From very young age, Jonathan started going to Psy-Trance parties and festivals with friends in Malta and Europe, and got quickly connected with Psychedelic and Goa Trance. He started collecting music and buying equipment, and started to get gigs and also organising parties in Malta.

He played with some of the best international Psychedelic Trance artists like E.V.P, Braincell, Archaic, E-clip and many more. He always believed in good music and in good connection with the dance floor, playing various night styles, full-on morning or also retro sets.

His sets are based on driving basslines, tricky melodies and powerful leads.In the last years Acid tester started to produce Psychedelic Trance and got his first track released on Purple Hexagon Records. More to come in the near future….