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    Absolutely magical! Possibly the friendliest vibes we’ve ever witnessed at a festival in truly beautiful surroundings, with the most open-minded crowd one could wish for, and the whole ethic of the event is one that is applauded.

    Altern 8

    Malta party people party hard! We had a blast! We love Malta. It’s the best rock in the world!

    030303 Crew

    One of the most free-spirited and adventurous festivals we’ve ever performed at! Earth Garden takes you on an epic journey into the heart of Malta accompanied by the best music from around the World!

    Nadav Tabak (Opal Ocean)

    It was a real pleasure playing our music for this hot crowd! The festival had a great eclectic programme and it was nice to see and meet so many artists from different countries! The market stands and food trucks create an atmosphere of a little happy village that we could live in.


    Earth Garden…What a vibe! Beautiful setting, super responsive public, extremely friendly and willing staff, hardworking and highly trained production team…Not to mention being on the beautiful island of Malta. I can’t recommend this festival highly enough.

    Andre’ Marmot (Earth Agency)

    We had a great time at Earth Garden! We had a warm and simple welcome, like the festival itself. One of the best moments of our summer 2018 tour and we particularly loved playing at The Enchanted Forest, very close to the people who were on our same wavelength! Long live Earth Garden Festival!

    Markus & Shahzad Santoo Khan

    Earth Garden was a great experience…amazing Maltese hospitality and a lovely crowd in the gorgeous setting of this Mediterranean gem. Apart from the great time I had at the Electronic Sphere, I particularly liked the variety of music played in numerous areas that were all very nicely decorated!

    Maurizio Begotti (Etnica)

    A magical festival with a very special atmosphere that has a lot to be discovered. Earth Garden is the perfect description of the feeling you get wandering through the festival´s illuminated trees…A garden of art and sound!

    Markus Shumacher (Al Jawala)

    What great fun it was performing at Earth Garden Festival to such an energetic audience and with such a warm and friendly crew to host us! We look forward to performing again in the future and joining the celebrations alongside a range of other top international acts!!

    The Carny Villains

    Beautiful experience! It was my first time performing at Earth Garden and also my first time in Malta. I really enjoyed every moment of it. The location was super nice, the organization was good and the treatment we got was super friendly and professional…and the audience…simply awesome!

    Lion D (IT)

    Earth Garden Festival has a unique atmosphere with multiple music experiences together with a great audience and a heartily and professional host behind the stage.

    Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

    Earth Garden is simply fantastic! I was blown away by the warmth, generosity, friendliness, and hospitality of both crew and revelers alike, not to mention the amazing setting, brilliant music, beautiful weather, and quality organization…I can’t wait to go there again and could not recommend it highly enough.

    John Fairhurts (UK)

    Playing at Earth Garden in Malta was a great gift. A new experience in one of the World’s most magical places. The Festival has a super high standard on all levels of music and production and the land and sea of Malta are imbued with ancient memories. Just Magic! Awesome People, Awesome Vibes!

    Si Mullumby (Wild Marmalade – AU)

    This very inclusive festival is one of my favourite in the World! Considered a secret on the festival circuit and set in a stunning location, this alternative event celebrates cultures and lifestyles. Electronic music, World, Reggae, and a Jamming area all come together in one unforgettable holistic experience.

    Boom Shankar (DE)

    The best thing about a festival is when you get there and discover that the organizers are in love with the music as much (or even more) as their audience. The excitement & passion in the air create a magnetic field that attracts people alike to create special moments and co-create a space of pure love!

    Goncalo Sal (Terrakota – PT)

    A secret haven tucked away in the heart of Malta. Beautiful location, great crowd, and programming that pushes and promotes the quality of the music over its commercial status. Highly recommended!

    Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist – UK)

    Earth Garden Festival is an incredibly special event. From being picked up at the airport to stepping on stage and back again, we met warm and passionate people full of life and positive energy. We hope to be back soon.

    Jonathan Scratchley (Gentleman’s Dub Club – UK)

    It’s touted as Europe’s best-kept secret festival, and this year Earth Garden Music Festival is back with a never-ending music programme that spans a variety of genres.

    Times of Malta

    Earth Garden is a pioneer in spreading public awareness on environmental matters, water & electricity consumption, and waste management and many festivals in Malta are using and following Earth Garden’s methods of waste management as a leading example.

    European Best Destinations

    It was an incredible experience playing at Earth Garden. Many artists contributed from around the world and I flew all the way from Australia. The Maltese people were very welcoming and the festival was great. The sound engineers did a great job and it was a privilege to play on the Roots Stage. Each area had a different style and atmosphere so it was a great festival for many people!

    John Buttigieg (AU)

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