Why Not? Healing Fields

The Age of Reunion

Our theme this year is ‘The Age of Re-Union’. It is a coming back to wholeness in ourselves, with each other and the planet. It proclaims our deep interdependency on other beings, not only for the sake of surviving but also even to exist. This new age of unity and awareness bonds humanity’s role on Earth and the relationship with the rest of nature. It is this story that unites us across so many areas of activism and healing. The more we act from it, the better able we are to create a world that reflects it. The less we act from ‘Separation’, more connection and wholeness surfaces in the World. Following our true bliss, will no doubt lead us into our lifes purpose. We learn how to live a life where we thrive in our natural essence :) Join us to delve into the soft world of connection. A space for us to connect with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.


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