The Turbans – Europe & Middle East

The Turbans – Europe & Middle East

The Turbans – Europe & Middle East

Roots Stage / SUN: 19.30-20.20

International music adventurers, The Turbans, bind together music from ‘manywhere’, igniting audiences with the bacchanalian spirit of the Eastern Mediterranean. Drawing on the rich cultural heritage of both the Levantine and Balkan regions, they create original music for the 21st century, inspired by ancient melodies.

Sonically huge and visually arresting, the interstellar live show embodies the skill, experience and passion of intrepid instrumental explorers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and England, pooling their energy and creativity in a spirit of generosity and openness that is so needed in these troubled global times.

Some members of The Turbans will also be joining Mundo Muzika’s Funked up World on Saturday at the Enchanted Forest!

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon