Terrakota – Portugal

Terrakota – Portugal

Terrakota – Portugal

Roots Stage / FRI: 23.45-01.00

Over the past ten years, Terrakota has forged its own pan-African and trans-Atlantic rootsworldkota sound. On its sixth studio album “Oxalá”, released in October 2016 on Altafonte/Zephyrus Records, the band embraces its Portuguese roots while diving more deeply into their rock influences. A message of hope for humanity.

If one says Lisbon, one thinks fado. Well, think again because Terrakota is leading the world- fusion scene that is developing in Lisbon. Terrakota and tens of young bands form the up-and- coming ‘musica mestiça’ are coming along with the rising cultural diversity influenced by immigrant populations and musicians from the ancient Portuguese colonies (Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique) and from other parts of the world, including India, Cuba, Colombia & beyond. Lisbon is changing. The ‘cidade do fado’ is being more and more open-minded and multicultural, and no one better represents that cultural diversity than Terrakota.

Terrakota was born in 1999 after a three month journey in West Africa that brought Junior, Alex and Humberto to a small neighbourhood of griot musicians and dancers in the town of Bobodioulasso, Burkina Faso. Africa was inspiring and addictive: the people, the music, the houses, the earth and the vibrant colour of terracotta… A seed was planted in fertile African soil and has ever since spread its fruits around the world, with musical research expeditions and live shows on the most important world music festivals, earning a nomination in the Best Group category at the Songlines Music Awards 2011.

With Terrakota, the world map is turned upside down, borders are swept by multilingual music, as if Portuguese, Creole, Wolof, Spanish, English, Arabic & French were a single language. Carrying a passport for a ride around the world, their dance steps journey across Mandinga and Afro-Cuban rhythms, soukouss, maracatu, gwana, afrobeat, dancehall, chimurenga and Indian music influences.

Terrakota’s work unites people, languages and cultures. It fights for recognition of the universal human nature. Strong political beliefs embody in the energy of their shows. Their solid musical identity is constantly being built and improved, with traditional and contemporary elements on a global scale. Since the release of the “Wontanara” EP in 2014, the band has gathered for an intensive period of artistic creation, clearing the path for new groundbreaking musical fusion on their sixth studio album, “Oxalá”, released in October 2016.

“Oxalá” is inspired by an internal travel, giving light to Portuguese songs built on top of their Afro-explosive melting pot. Africa remains the main source, the starting point from where the band looks for the perfect alchemy to get to their trademark modern roots sound, where all borders, distances and barriers are wiped out.

The Portuguese globetrotters have reached new highs and are ready to take Europe by storm and get back to the international festivals to make the audience dance to their positive vibes and energizing live performance!

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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