Open Mic.

Open Mic.

Open Mic.

Enchanted Forest / SUN: 17.00-18.00

Open Mic. are two Hip Hop MCees and one DJ/MC.

David Leguesse has been in the Hip Hop scene for the last 20 years. He was one of the 2 MCees in the award-winning band “Sixth Simfoni” (Best Hip Hop Malta Music Award 2007).  David was also been featured in Ira Losco’s “The person I am” video (Best Song in the Malta Music Awards 2013).

Claude Agius has been involved performing and releasing music in the local Hip Hop scene for the last seven years and is part of the Maltese rap group “Marmalja” and “No Bling Show”. He was also featured in the hit music film “Marija s-Sabiha” and involved in “Marmalja’s” Project “Pressjoni”.

DJ Mac, has been in the local Hip Hop scene for around 20 years. He was part the groups “Effetti Kollaterali” and “Chapter Zero”, opened up shows for rap star “Ja Rule” and underground legend “Immortal Technic” amongst others.

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