Luke Vibert – U.K

Luke Vibert – U.K

Luke Vibert – U.K

Electronic Sphere / FRI: 20.30-22.30

Luke Vibert is a British recording artist and producer known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music.

Vibert began his musical career as a member of the Hate Brothers, only later branching out into his own compositions. Vibert has recorded under several different aliases, most notably Plug and Wagon Christ.

He began a recording career that would see him release some 20 albums, more than 50 EPs, and over 100 remixes under eight solo aliases and a handful of collaborations. Alongside Mark Pritchard and Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin, two equally prolific producers from the south-west of England, Vibert is responsible for a body of work that charts the British Isles’ singular relationship with electronic music.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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