Lion Black (Island Rockers)

Lion Black (Island Rockers)

Lion Black (Island Rockers)

Enchanted Forest / THU: 19.00-22.00

Island Rockers are: Lion Black & Earthrocker

Lion Black (Originally from Serbia) started his musical journey in Reggae and Dub in 2010. Since then he has delivered his selections at large scale events such as Ritual Fest and Exit Festival in his home town, Novi Sad and Sea Splash Festival in Croatia. In Malta for over three years now, he has made a name for himself as a very versatile selector and is frequently featured in line-ups for various Reggae Bars and events. He is now a resident at Bass Culture events and has been a vital crew member of Island Rockers since he stepped foot on the island. Lion Black delivers a strictly vinyl selection that takes the listener on a journey of Reggae, Dub, Digital and Steppa styles from all over the world.

Island Rockers Sound System:

Founded in 2014 by Mark Agius (a.k.a Earthrocker), Island Rockers Sound System has been at the forefront of the Reggae and Dub scene in Malta through its many collaborations with numerous artists and promoters. Hand built in Malta by Mark himself with the help of some close friends, this project has pioneered the Sound System Culture within the local Reggae scene, a tradition that has its roots set deep in Jamaican culture. In 2018, Island Rockers welcomed Lion Black as co-owner of the sound system and new partner for the project.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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